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February 16, 2017
March 8, 2017

4 Things You Wont Believe Cost Less Than RM5

We understand – sometimes your personal financial situation may not be ideal. But you’d be surprised to find out you can still enjoy some great products and services for only RM5 and below! And in case you’re wondering – the affordable deals do not compromise quality at all. Here’s what we’ve discovered all across the Klang Valley for you.

Kitchen items

Does your kitchen counter seem empty? How about your fridge and kitchen cabinets? You’d be pleased to know that you’d be able to stock them up with houseware at a fraction of the usual price. 5ringgit.com.my(http://www.5ringgit.com.my/housewares) provides items such as mugs, food containers, cutting boards, seasoning jars, and more for – you guessed it – RM5.

Now the next time company comes over, you can show off your brand new stocked up kitchen!

Japanese food

We all know and love that classic Japanese dish – udon. And sometimes a simple helping is all it takes to satisfy one’s yearning for it. SanukiUdon (https://www.facebook.com/Sanuki-Udon-131924943522486/) at Taman Desa has a cult following thanks to its signature handmade udon. The house special, topped with an onsen egg and just a little bit of light miso broth and scallions will cost you only RM5 per bowl. And if you want to add a little more to your meal, try some vegetable fritters (RM3) or fried chicken (RM5). Bon appetit!


Sometimes birthday parties or family gatherings happen at that very frustrating time when you’re broke. A long gift list can do quite a bit of damage to your wallet or purse. That’s why you should check this (https://www.shopback.my/blog/post/5-genius-gift-ideas-for-only-rm-5) out – a list of fun and personable gifts that will only cost you that wonderful price of RM5 and below. From beauty accessories to shoes, there really is something for everyone!

Home appliances

We know, we know – sounds too good to be true, right? Well, GoByRent.com offers rental of home appliances such as such as fridges, microwaves, televisions, washing machines, and more for as low as RM4.20 per day. Sure, you may not own them – but you’ll be rid of the headache of wondering what to do with the home appliances once you no longer need them since they can be returned to GoByRent.com. Also, if broken, they’ll be replaced for free within 48 hours.

Living comfortably doesn’t have to cost a bomb – so go out there and enjoy yourself!

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