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November 25, 2016
December 22, 2016

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent

Renting is a convenience. If you don’t really need something for long term, or simply can’t afford it at the moment, you rent it. We’re all familiar with renting vehicles, storage space, equipment, etc – but did you know the rental world is so much bigger than that? Check this out:

If you can wear it, you can rent it

That’s right, you can definitely rent clothes. Before you raise your eyebrows in indignation, we’re talking about clothes that you might only wear once for a special occasion. If you’re heading to a formal gala, you’re probably going to need to wear a designer suit or a gown – instead of forking out a hefty sum of cash, you can rent them from companies like www.rentadress.com.my.

And how about that trip to Europe during winter, where you’ll definitely to deck yourself up in winter clothes? Get them at https://www.facebook.com/winterwearrental/, and once you’re back in sunny Malaysia, you can return them.

Party like a rock star…. by renting everything

Tired of throwing parties in your house, or some generic club? You’d be hyped to know that awesome party venues are available for rent – from classy bungalows with indoor pools, to rooftop units equipped with barbeque pits (check them out at http://www.timeout.com/kuala-lumpur/things-to-do/kls-best-party-spaces-for-rent)

If you’re looking to make your party even more elaborate (and fun!), http://iheartparty.com.my/services/additional-party-rentals/ provides party supplies such as popcorn machines, game stalls, chocolate fountains, and a whole lot of cool stuff. Now, people will definitely be looking forward to your next party invite!

Speaking of parties, how about some fun for the kids?

Now we understand that throwing a kids’ party can come with a lot of headaches. There’s only so much you can do, until the kids get bored and start a revolution (“We want fun! We want fun!”). So what better way to keep them occupied than a vast array of toys, available for rent from http://www.rentatoys.com/index.html. All the toys come thoroughly cleaned, and there’s a variety suitable for both little boys and girls. Now you can actually sit down and have a nice cup of tea while the kids have their fun with the toys.

Looking for friends… to rent?

Yes, this is a thing. Not in a weird way though! Who knows, maybe you desperately need a companion for that fancy office dinner, or even a social event like a wedding. Or maybe you’re new in town, lonely, and looking for someone to show you around. http://rentafriend.com/ lets you find a friend that can keep you company during those times.

What’s also interesting is that you can also request for a friend who can teach you a new skill or hobby – from baking to poetry to hiking. All you need is your imagination, really.

Why buy home appliances when you can rent them?

This one’s good news for landlords.The fact is, you save money in the long run when you rent home appliances for your rental condo, instead of purchasing them. GoByRent.com provides fridges, microwaves, televisions, washing machines, and more for weekly rental at an affordable rate. And in case the rented appliance is out of order, you get a replacement within 48 hours.

Also the head-scratching question of what to do with your now-outdated home appliances when the tenancy is over is now addressed. By renting from GoByRent.com, you simply return them at no additional costs.

Plus, for further peace of mind, free burglary insurance is provided. If your rented home appliance is stolen, you don’t have to worry about forking out a single cent.

So, go out there and experience the wonderful world of rental!

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