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            Chinarents.Net (Chinarents.com) specializes in providing rental information and integrating the industrial resources in rental industry, with business ranging from the rental of estate and property, car, construction machinery, computers, office furniture, equipment for exhibitions, communication equipment, devices for banquets and ceremonies and stage equipment to financial lease and rental, furniture rental, medical equipment and instrument rental, sparing no effort to establish the largest online rental platform in China to provide the customers with non-stop rental services.

             Taking rental as the main business, Chinarents.Net is a professional industrial website to offer rental information for the customers. Relying on the Internet as the media, we are dedicated to establish an online rental platform for the suppliers and customers to inquire information and also publicize their news.

            Chinarents.Net builds a bridge between the supplier and customers so that they can rapidly and conveniently conduct the rental business, information shares, commercial negotiation and so on. In the past, the rental information spread through traditional media such as newspaper, broadcast or TV cost too much on manpower and material resources. Now, it is an informational era, people are pursing high efficiency, and that is where the Internet stands. With flexible interaction, great information loading capacity, detailed information materials and tangible results, the Internet is incomparable in terms of swiftness and purposive feature, which can also create the effects as the multi-media. Based on these unique traits of the Internet, Chinarent.Net eliminates the intervals between the suppliers and customers so as to save their time and enhance their efficiency.